Phoenix Wilson

Hatha Yoga and Tai Chi

I have always been draw to practices such as yoga, tai chi and meditation because of the deep centered peace they fostered within me.  Having began taking classes as early as high school I undertook formal training and began a certified yoga teacher in 2002.

My first teachers and studies of yoga were Inyegar- and Anursara-based.  These schools are focused on proper alignment of the body and connecting into the flow of grace. I have since continued my studies with Shiva Rea, expanding my knowledge of the energetic essence of yoga; and with Gurumuk, learning Kundalini Yoga and the development of daily practices to increase health and inner radiance.

I earned my bachelor’s degree from Northern Kentucky University in Health and Physical Education in 2003. My studies allowed me to learn about health, wellness, anatomy and physiology, and teaching methodology.  These subjects continue to help me today as I expand my knowledge of yoga and wellness techniques and explore the wonders of the human body.

After college, I had the good fortune of living in Japan for 3 years, teaching English in the JET Programme.  While there, I studied meditation with the Zen Master, Keido Fukushima Roshi, and deepened my T’ai Chi practice as well.  I am forever grateful to all of my teachers for all that they have taught me and shared with me on my journey thus far.

Today, when I step off of my yoga mat or finish my daily meditation, I feel ready to begin my day more awake, more present, able to take moments to listen, to be present, and to connect to the life force that is within and all around us. In doing so, the day becomes clearer, less obstructed by the busy mind, more alive in the body and joyful in the heart.

What I hope to offer to my students is the ability to experience life in this deeper, richer way both on and off the yoga mat.

I invite you to join me on this joyful journey!

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