Hand Embroidery

Embroidering by hand is both a timeless art and a compact hobby perfect for stitching on your lunch hour, while binge watching your favorite program, or sitting outside enjoying nature. This beginner class will guide you through making a charming sampler to learn 8 basic stitches that you can use to create almost any embroidery pattern.
Skills will include: methods to transfer patterns, supplies, stitches including: Running Stitch, Back Stitch and Chain Stitch, Threaded Running Stitch, Cross Stitch, Star Stitch, Fern Stitch and a French Knot and discuss the option for adding custom text to a project.
Note: You will likely not be able to finish the project in class, but you will receive instructions to complete it on your own.

Ages 16 & up

Instructor: Dana Kuhnline

Thursday, May 16 6:00-9:00pm Sewing Room