Instant Gratification Tuesday Feb 12 or 19 5:30pm Ages 16 & Up

Tia Tobergte                                       $40 per student

Intro to Electric Pressure Cooking Electric pressure cookers can be daunting to use for the first time, so we have developed a course for the uninitiated to prime your minds and stomachs with delicious information to apply to your weeknight dinners. A meal will be prepared, shared, and enjoyed every class to build skills and troubleshoot for cooking at home. Topics covered include: Pot-in-Pot method, water bath desserts, meal prep and freezing, and basic skills and terminology to make recipe interpretation easier. You can bring your model along or simply participate and enjoy- a q&a session is encouraged in every meeting.  Bring a container, so you can take your meal home after the class.


Ages 16 & Up    Tuesday      February 12              5:30-7:30pm            Round Room  
Ages 16 & Up    Tuesday      February 19              5:30-7:30pm            Round Room

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