Bob Hebenstreit

Drawing  Instructor

Bob Hebenstreit recalls becoming immediately hooked when he began his art studies at age 12 at the William E. Gebhardt School Of Art. “The school was reminiscent of the bohemian art schools of Paris at the turn of the century,” he remembers. “It offered me the unique opportunity to explore art under the tutelage of a wide variety of professional artists including Bill Leonard, the first director of the Contemporary Art Center of Cincinnati; Joe Peter, CEO of J.E. Peter and Associates, an industrial design firm; and Richard Miller, sculptor and painter.”

By the time Bob was old enough to begin in the full-time program, he was already an accomplished artist. He became both student and teacher and even was involved in the operation of the school. After graduation he moved to Spain to further his education. There he dedicated himself to painting landscapes.

Bob continues to enjoy painting landscapes in addition to still life and figure painting. He has been teaching painting and drawing classes for more than 25 years. Bob enjoys a healthy reputation as both artist and teacher and has been the recipient of many awards throughout his career.

Bob Hebenstreit teaches Drawing Basics at Baker Hunt.

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