Bruce Neville

Water Color Instructor

With his background in architecture, Bruce Neville’s fundamental visual skill of drawing is the beginning of his paintings.

Watercolor has become his passion and very much a part of his life. He looks for subjects that inspire him, and often has his drawing pad and pencils with him in his daily travels.

Bruce explains his creative process: “I draw my subject, whether it is a landscape or cityscape, and then, combining imagination, all the design elements, and most importantly, rational thought (my private thought process), I determine the mood I want and the amount of movement I want in my skies.”

Bruce adds, “I also express a great deal of emotion to create the mood. I feel my subject, know it well, and I have gone beyond expressing technique to expressing the passion I have for watercolor.”

In addition to teaching at Baker Hunt, Bruce leads workshops throughout the country, and exhibits at numerous art fairs, festivals and events across the United States.

For more information about Bruce and examples of his work, visit

Bruce Neville teaches Beginner Watercolor and Intermediate Watercolor at Baker Hunt.

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