Ken Swinson

Printmaking Instructor

The son of a US Army officer, Ken Swinson never lived in one place for long….until October of 2000, when he moved to Kentucky. Kentucky’s breathtaking scenery and close proximity to nature has inspired Ken for almost 10 years.

Ken explored Kentucky’s landscape through his plein air paintings. He took his painting supplies to beautiful scenes, where he created his work of art. Painting outdoors created many challenges, but also provided the artist with an intimate connection with the subject. An avid cyclist, Ken modified his bicycle to carry his painting supplies, and took many camping/cycling/painting expeditions.

Ken also likes to explore his playful side with his art. Using imagination rather than the true landscape, he recalls experiences that happened in his life. His bright use of colors and whimsical farm animals reflect the joy of living in Kentucky. Inspired by a combination of the cubist movement and the quilting heritage of his mother (who is also an artist and musician), Ken’s whimsical work began to use strong geometric patterns.

A self-taught artist, Ken is always exploring new art techniques. He is currently studying traditional printmaking techniques, using woodcuts and monotypes to illustrate his adventure of being an artist in Kentucky.


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