Saturday Workshops- Creative Mindfulness & Nifty Knitting

Creative Mindfulness

Emily Hunt                                $20

In this 2-hour mini camp, Emily Hunt from Busy Being Kids Yoga will lead the class through fun and imaginative yoga poses, breathing exercises, focus games and relaxation techniques. Each participant will bring their “Secret Garden” to life, create their own mindfulness glitter jar, and make a surprise craft that can be used in yoga class! Your little one is sure to leave class thinking yoga and mindfulness is FUN! Suggested age is 6-10. Mats will be provided if needed.

Ages 6-10  Saturday Nov 17  10:00am-12:00pm Ballroom

Nifty Knitting

Patty Horwitz                                     $35

We will learn how to use knitting needles, size 17-12.75. cast on stitches, knit stitches, and cast off. This class time will expose the students to the use of yarn, basic knitting, as well as the joys of creating a scarf.

Age 6 and up     
Saturday      Nov 17   12:30pm-2:30pm Ballroom 



Buy both workshops and your child will get a snack provided between workshops from 12:00-12:3opm and
receive a $5 discount.